The ProctyClean® intimate hygiene kit quickly and easily removes stool residue from the anal canal. The stool residue is the cause of many complaints in the anal area, such as hemorrhoids, anal itching, anal fissures, anal leakage, loss of stool and much more. These complaints, their symptoms and the causes are described in detail here.

Anal fissure

Ouch! If it burns and stings during defecation, an anal fissure may be responsible. This is an elongated, extremely painful tear in the anal mucosa, usually caused by excessive pushing and/or hard bowel movements. Acute fissures are treated with ointments and a change of diet; in chronic forms an interventional method may be necessary. You can find out here what causes an anal fissure and how to get fit again and stay fit.

Itchy anus - anal itching

Let's be honest: We all had it once - an itching at the anus. According to studies, this is the most frequently occurring localized itching - and the number of unreported cases is high. Itching of the anus (pruritus ani) is not an issue that people like to talk about.


No question, hemorrhoids are unpleasant. People don't like to talk about them either, as our backside is still considered taboo. However, there is nothing to be ashamed of - the earlier treatment is given, the quicker the problem can be resolved. What to do in the case of hemorrhoids? How do hemorrhoids develop and can they actually be prevented?