ProctyClean® PopoLino - mild cleaning foam instead of wet intimate wipes

ProctyClean® PopoLino is a mild cleaning foam and the environmentally and skin-friendly alternative to normal wet wipes. It cleanses, moisturizes and stabilizes the buttocks skin. The foam is ideal for external buttock hygiene in the case of stool smear, hemorrhoids, anal fissures and itchy anus. Mild cleansing surfactants with soothing aloe vera, witch hazel, bergamot and nourishing vitamin E give you a pleasant feeling of hygiene. With 1 pump stroke, dry toilet paper turns into wet toilet paper!

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  • ProctyClean® PopoLino is a mild cleaning foam for cleaning the outside of the buttocks and replaces wet toilet wipes.

  • Thanks to the special active ingredients, it gently and effectively removes germs and bacteria from the buttocks area.

  • ProctyClean® PopoLino can be used after every visit to the toilet thanks to its particularly gentle and caring formula.

  • The active ingredients, which are perfect to the buttocks skin, help especially with anal complaints such as hemorrhoids, fecal smear, anus itch etc.

  • Targeted intimate care reduces inflammation and irritation in the anal area and leads to an increase in well-being with a long-lasting all-round feeling of cleanliness.

  • Environmentally and skin-friendly alternative to moist toilet paper.

  • Less is more: usually 1 pump stroke is enough for the optimal hygiene experience.

The ProctyClean® PopoLino cleaning foam cares for and protects the outer buttocks skin. The unique formulation of the mild cleansing foam was specially developed for complaints in the anal area, such as hemorrhoids, skin tags, anus itch, fecal smear, irritation, anal eczema, etc. Vitamin E helps the skin to strengthen its natural protective barrier and promotes wound healing, aloe vera has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, and moisturises at the same time. Bergamot smells very pleasant, has an antimicrobial and wound healing effect. Hamamelis virginiana (or Virginian witch hazel) has an itch-reducing and anti-inflammatory effect.

With the mild ProctyClean® PopoLino cleaning foam, not only the sewer pipes remain free of unwanted residues, but also you intimate area. Because damp toilet paper is not biodegradable and is therefore one of the top 5 environmental sins in the household.


Shake well before use. Apply ProctyClean® PopoLino to dry toilet paper, clean the anal area and then pat dry. For external use only.

Just 1 pump of ProctyClean® PopoLino turns dry toilet paper into wet toilet paper.

100% Made in Germany. Contents of a ProctyClean® PopoLino bottle: 150 pumps.

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What ProctyClean® users say:


"Perhaps a larger shield diameter would make ProctyClean useful for people with anal prolapse. I feel very comfortable using ProctyClean. It handles well, and there is a pleasant feeling during insertion and removal. The cleaning effect is clearly noticeable."

Christopher K.


"The development of this device for prophylactic anal hygiene provides an excellent, unique approach.."

Dr. Johann F., proctologist


"Since using ProctyClean, lubrication of stool is no longer a problem. In general, an increased feeling of cleanliness and well-being."

Fabian P.


"In the course of a colonoscopy I was diagnosed with a colon carcinoma and on 21.3.2019 a part of the colon was removed. I recovered from this operation relatively quickly and theAm doing well, aside from a few food intolerances. However, since the consistency of the stool and the end digestion have changed considerably, a small amount of stool was left in the anus, which caused severe itching and burning. The family doctor prescribed the "Hädensa" ointment for me, but this did not bring any improvement, and I had to wash myself repetitively not only after bowel movements, but also several times a day because of the itching and burning.

After using the ProctyClean intimate hygiene kit, the situation has improved. I only have to use it once a day after my morning bowel movement, and then I am problem free.

The use of this product has thus far brought significant improvement to my quality of life, and I can highly recommend."

Fabian S.


"Ich werde weiterhin den Intimpflege-Stift benutzen. Es ist einfach ein gutes Gefühl nach der Reinigung. Diese Erfindung ist einfach ideal!"

Franz D.