ProctyClean® PopoLino Kids

ProctyClean® PopoLino Kids – gentle foam instead of wet wipes
The buttocks foam cleanses, moisturizes and is ideal for sensitive skin in the intimate area. For use at home and on the go. Also suitable for hand washing. pH-neutral for the intimate area (pH 4). Free from dyes. Store at room temperature, protect from extreme temperatures. Made in Austria.

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PorctyClean Naturized Cosmetics produziert nach Naturkosmetik Richtlinien PorctyClean PopoLino Kids ist 100 % vegan

ProctyClean® PopoLino Kids gentle foam for the buttocks

ProctyClean® PopoLino Kids is a gentle cleansing foam for the outer anal area, providing an eco-friendly alternative to moist toilet paper and wipes. Ideal for children's intimate hygiene, especially in cases of stool smearing and anal itching.

This Popo Schaum is perfect for use at home or on-the-go, fitting easily into school bags and suitcases. Highly efficient, it replaces up to 130 wipes, making it a sustainable option that won't clog the pipes. ProctyClean® PopoLino Kids offers optimal anal care for your child's intimate area.

Less is more: Apply one pump of mild ProctyClean® PopoLino foam on toilet paper. Its formula, enriched with soothing Aloe vera, Hamamelis, Bergamot, and Vitamin E, fights bacteria while strengthening the natural barrier of sensitive children's skin.

Made according to natural cosmetics standards, ProctyClean® PopoLino Kids is vegan and cruelty-free. Its gentle formula, based on the ProctyClean complex, is specially designed for sensitive children's skin. Easy to use without water, it's also suitable for hand washing on-the-go.


"Perhaps a larger shield diameter would make ProctyClean useful for people with anal prolapse. I feel very comfortable using ProctyClean. It handles well, and there is a pleasant feeling during insertion and removal. The cleaning effect is clearly noticeable."

Christopher K.


"The development of this device for prophylactic anal hygiene provides an excellent, unique approach.."

Dr. Johann F., proctologist


"Quite frankly, cleaning after bowel movements with water, paper and wet wipes has always been unsatisfactory, perhaps comparable to the somewhat inept attempt to perform oral hygiene with a napkin. Since using the ProctyClean intimate hygiene pen, I finally have a real feeling of hygiene in the anal area and have been using the ProctyClean intimate hygiene pen regularly since day one for my personal hygiene".

Fabian L.


"Since using ProctyClean, lubrication of stool is no longer a problem. In general, an increased feeling of cleanliness and well-being."

Fabian P.


"Ich werde weiterhin den Intimpflege-Stift benutzen. Es ist einfach ein gutes Gefühl nach der Reinigung. Diese Erfindung ist einfach ideal!"

Franz D.