ProctyClean® intimate care kit

The patented ProctyClean® intimate care set quickly, gently and effectively removes stool residue from the anal canal. What remains is a pleasant, nourishing oil film. The innovation for complaints such as hemorrhoids, anal fissures, after itching and much more. It can alleviate inflammation, irritation and pain in the anal area through targeted hygiene. Rapid increase in wellbeing after just a few applications! Developed and recommended by doctors.

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"A clean bottom is a happy bottom! Try it out! Due to the thorough hygiene, rapid improvement in well-being is possible after just a few applications."

Dr. Ludwig Römhild


The patented ProctyClean® intimate care kit consists of:

  • 1 ProctyClean® intimate hygiene pen

  • 50 ml ProctyClean® vitamin-E-oil

  • 1 transport/storage bag

  • The expected lifespan of the ProctyClean® intimate hygiene pen is approx. 12 months. For reasons of hygiene, we recommend replacing the ProctyClean® intimate hygiene pen at least every 6-12 months.

★ The patented ProctyClean® intimate hygiene kit for men and women targets the cause, not the symptoms.

★ ProctyClean® quickly, gently and effectively removes stool residue from the anal canal and coats it with protective lipid layer.

★ ProctyClean® works where the problems arise, unlike toilet paper that just scratches the surface.

Inflammation, irritation and pain in the anal region are reduced through targeted hygiene.

★ Ointments, suppositories, sanitary pads and dirty laundry are largely eliminated.

Rapid improvement in well-being after just a few applications, thanks to the better hygiene.

Stool residue in the anal area is a major cause of complaints, such as haemorrhoids, anal fissures, anal skin tags, anal itching and much more.

The patented ProctyClean® intimate care kit is the proven solution for increased hygiene needs. It goes to the source and targets the problem, not the symptoms. A rapid improvement in well-being is guaranteed after just a few applications. Developed and recommended by doctors.

Small, convinient and hygienically clean

The fast, gentle and effective anal cleaning with the ProctyClean® method


Cleaning part

The four-stage cleaning part has a rounded tip, which is modelled on the slender side of an egg. This special shape allows easy and gentle penetration through the anal sphincter muscle.


Intermediate piece

The centrepiece has the task of preventing excessive penetration into the anal canal and soiling of the hand.



The handle guarantees safe guidance during internal anal prophylaxis.

ProctyClean_Anwendung_kleiner als ein Finger

The application in the shower

1. The application in the shower is optimal. Depending on your mood, you can stand or squat down; tastes differ here.

2. Then gently insert the prepared ProctyClean® intimate hygiene pen, or one moistened with vitamin E oil, into the anus up to the intermediate piece.

It‘s easier this way: actively relax the anus during insertion or press gently. You will see: Practice makes perfect!

3. Now move the ProctyClean® intimate hygiene pen back and forth about 2 to 3 times with small longitudinal movements. In such a way that it is comfortable for you.

4. Pull out the ProctyClean® intimate hygiene pen completely and clean it with water.

5. Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 until no more stool remains are visible on the pen. By repeating these steps the inner mucosa of the anal canal is effectively cleaned.

6. Almost done! When no more stool remains are visible on the intimate hygiene pen, pull out the intimate hygiene pen for good and clean your outer anal area thoroughlywith water. Finally, the ProctyClean® intimate hygiene pen is also subjected to a thorough cleaning. This is best done with a hot, strong water jet.

7.Finally, dry the outer anal area gently but thoroughly with a soft cloth. Caution: do not rub!


The best at the end: The whole cleaning process does not take more than 1-2 minutes.

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What ProctyClean users say


"Perhaps a larger shield diameter would make ProctyClean useful for people with anal prolapse. I feel very comfortable using ProctyClean. It handles well, and there is a pleasant feeling during insertion and removal. The cleaning effect is clearly noticeable."

Christopher K.


"The development of this device for prophylactic anal hygiene provides an excellent, unique approach.."

Dr. Johann F., proctologist


"Quite frankly, cleaning after bowel movements with water, paper and wet wipes has always been unsatisfactory, perhaps comparable to the somewhat inept attempt to perform oral hygiene with a napkin. Since using the ProctyClean intimate hygiene pen, I finally have a real feeling of hygiene in the anal area and have been using the ProctyClean intimate hygiene pen regularly since day one for my personal hygiene".

Fabian L.


"Since using ProctyClean, lubrication of stool is no longer a problem. In general, an increased feeling of cleanliness and well-being."

Fabian P.


"Ich werde weiterhin den Intimpflege-Stift benutzen. Es ist einfach ein gutes Gefühl nach der Reinigung. Diese Erfindung ist einfach ideal!"

Franz D.